Embracing the Hospitality Industry: My Journey in Restaurant Service

von Michael Sypien

Why did I choose to work at a restaurant? Initially, I began my apprenticeship in hotel and catering management at Hotel Melchior Park in Würzburg. Eventually, I transitioned to working in the restaurant. During my time there, I learned a lot about service and gained a deeper understanding of the industry. We hosted various business meetings, ranging from small gatherings to larger events with up to 200 people, where we provided service in the meeting rooms according to specific instructions. They had coffee breaks at least twice a day, and we also served meals during midday breaks and in the evenings, offering either a buffet or a three-course menu along with various beverages. Additionally, we managed different events such as weddings, company functions, festivals, and family parties, some of which extended late into the night. Despite the long hours, I found these experiences to be enjoyable.

However, serving guests was only part of our responsibilities. We also had our daily à la carte service and had to prepare event rooms when the restaurant closed at 10:00 PM. At that point, our bar opened, officially welcoming guests until 1:00 AM. I took on the role of bartending during these late hours, mixing and serving drinks ranging from cocktails to wine, beer, and soft drinks. After four months in the restaurant, I switched to the housekeeping department for nearly four months. While it was an okay experience, I realized I missed the dynamic nature of service and the camaraderie among colleagues. Consequently, I returned to the service department, where I remained for the duration of my apprenticeship.

Working in service not only improved my communication skills and ability to handle difficult situations but also boosted my confidence. Contrary to the notion that each day is the same, I found that every evening brought new challenges and experiences. Whether it was managing a busy bar or attending to the diverse preferences of individual guests, I thrived on the variety and interaction this job offered. In essence, if you enjoy working with people, this job is truly fulfilling.

Aaliyah Hildenbrand, RES12